The WND100 is a ultra tough marine wind sensor.
May 16, 2017
AISConfig is an AIS app which allows your mobile Android phone to wirelessly connect to the latest range of Digital Yacht Class B AIS Transponders.
May 17, 2017
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Windsense app

“Turn your Android device in to a 360º Wind and Close Haul Wind Instrument with this free app.”

*** To download this free App please click here to go to the Google Play Store ***


Our new WindSense wireless wind system can work with many existing apps like the popular NMEARemoteImray InstrumentsSailTimer, etc. but most of these are for Apple iOS devices, so we decided to develop and release a simple Wind display app for Android.

Turn your Android device in to a 360º Wind and Close Haul Wind Instrument with the WindSense app for Android. Designed specifically to work with Digital Yacht’s WindSense wireless wind system, this app will both display the wind angle and wind speed data from the WND100 mast head unit. It will also allow you to calibrate any angular offset that may have occurred when you fitted the transducer to the top of the mast.


  • Free Wind display app for Android
  • Two pages
  • 360º Wind Instrument Page (Apparent Wind Angle and Speed)
  • 0-50º Close Haul Page (Magnified Apparent Wind Angle and Speed)
  • Calibration Mode so you can remove angular offset

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