Can I connect some cameras?

We have been asked by many boaters “What’s the best solution for boat video monitoring?”  There are lots of dedicated (and expensive) marine solutions which could connect to the 4G Connect or 4G Xtream network but there’s also the simple and popular Arlo home based system which can be used.  Arlo started life as part of Netgear but became a stand alone listed company back in 2018.  Their products can be bought from Amazon, Best Buy etc.

The system comprises small, waterproof, battery powered cameras that connect to an Arlo hub via wifi.  It means you don’t have to run wires around the boat or even find 12V power and you can position the camera in different locations as you need to.  Multiple cameras are also supported.

Other IP cameras can also be connected to the 4G Connect and 4G Xtream.