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  • NavLink

    “NavLink UK is a low cost app designed for use with an iPhone or iPad. It transforms your iPad into a full function chart plotter with detailed electronic charts and an overlay of your boat’s position, track and heading.”

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  • iAIS application

    “iAIS is a simple AIS target plotter designed for use with DigitalYachts iAIS WiFi receiver or any of our other Wireless NMEA products if they are connected to an AIS system.”

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    “AISView is a smart application to display AIS target information onto a background Google map.”

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  • Windsense app

    “Turn your Android device in to a 360º Wind and Close Haul Wind Instrument with this free app.”

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  • AISConfig

    “AISConfig allows your mobile Android phone or tablet to wirelessly connect to the latest range of Digital Yacht Class B AIS Transponders.”

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  • OutBoardView

    “This app will receive engine data such as RPM, temperature, pressure, fuel flow, etc. and display it all in a modern electronic dashboard.”

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    “Get NMEA data into your PC or MAC with this super stable interface.”

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  • QMax – VHF antenna


    “The QMax is a compact 25cm VHF antenna with sucker cup style mounting.”

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