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  • Get SeaTalk1 data into your PC or MAC with this super stable Seatalk to USB converter

    ST-USB Converter


    “Get SeaTalk1 data into your PC or MAC with this super stable interface.”

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  • WL70


    “The new, budget WL70 wi-fi antenna brings reliable wi-fi connectivity to any on board PC, MAC, LINUX or Raspberry Pi computer.”

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  • Easy to use marine Wifi antenna.



    “Just missing that network connection – the WL60 will significantly increase the Wi-Fi range or your laptop with easy USB connection cable and sucker cup mounting solution”

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  • NMEA to Ethernet interface

    LANLink – NMEA to Ethernet

    From: $324.95

    “LANLink is a NMEA to ethernet gateway which enables the boat’s NMEA data to integrate onto a router network – allowing connected devices and apps to take advantage of the data.”

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  • iKConnect is a marine Wifi router



    “The perfect mini router for our USB WL70 Long Range Wi-Fi adaptor or our latest iKommunicate Signal K Gateway”

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  • AIS100 USB is an AIS receiver with USB



    “Perfect for PC based navigation systems with USB drivers for PC, MAC and linux.”

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    “AIS SART Alarm — Connects to any of our AIS devices and detects a SART target — ideal for use as a MOB system with personal SARTs.”

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    “The DTV100 is a high performance, omni-directional TV antenna providing great reception of the latest digital, terrestrial TV signals while afloat.”

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  • USB GPS Antenna

    GPS160 USB


    “The GPS160USB variant ships with a 5m USB cable. It’s self powered from the USB source (PC, MAC or Linux).”

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  • 10m LMR400 cables for 4G Connect Pro

    10m cables for 4G Connect Pro


    4G Connect Pro is supplied as standard with two 7M LMR200 cable assemblies.  This kit includes two 10m (33ft) minimal loss LMR400 cables

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  • AIS receiver with NMEA and USB

    AIS100PRO (NMEA & USB)


    «Combinaison de connexions NMEA et USB pour les systèmes basés sur PC et traceurs. Comprend également une entrée NMEA et un multiplexeur intégré. »

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  • MOB100


    “The AIS MOB100 is an ultra compact AIS MOB beacon/SART.  Its designed for manual or auto activation from a lifejacket and when triggered will send the casualty position 8 times a minute to any AIS equipped vessels or shore stations. Range is typically 5-10NM.”

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  • SmarterTrack is a marine navigation PC software



    “Easy to use PC navigation software compatible with Navionics charts. Powerful features and AIS enhanced displays.”

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  • WLN30 is a NMEA to WiFi multiplexer

    WLN30 Smart Wireless NMEA Multiplexer


    “The WLN30 is a smart NMEA to WiFi Multiplexer designed to connect your smart phone and other wireless devices to your boat’s navigation systems. It features three NMEA0183 inputs and easy web interface configuration.”

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  • NavLink2 is an NMEA 2000 to Wifi router



    “NavLink 2 is an easy to fit NMEA 2000 to Wifi router designed to make NMEA 2000 navigation data available for apps on smartphones, tablets, iPads and PCs.”

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  • DTV100 with dual TV output and 20m cable


    “The DTV100 with dual TV outputs and 20m cabling for larger vessels.”

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  • AIS receiver WiFi


    $615.90 $449.95

    “This bundle includes an AIS receiver with a WiFi interface. Connect to your plotter, PC and mobile device through a wireless interface. Turns your iPad or Android tablet into a full function AIS display.”

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  • The SPL1500 is a patented zero loss VHF antenna splitter



    “Patented zero loss technology lets you share your main VHF antenna with both the VHF and AIS. Compatible with transponders and receivers.”

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  • wireless interface for Class A AIS Transponder



    “Connects to the pilot plug interface of a Class A AIS Transponder so iPad, iPhones and other tablets can share the AIS data via a wifi link.”

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  • iKommunicate – Universal NMEA GATEWAY


    “The Kickstarter funded success story that is enabling the Internet of Things Afloat with this universal NMEA gateway.”

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