NavLink2 is an NMEA 2000 to Wifi router
June 25, 2019
wireless interface for Class A AIS Transponder
July 15, 2019
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“A GPS antenna for any AIS transponder”


The MA800 passive GPS Antenna for AIS transponder (P/No. X500.391) is compatible with all current Digital Yacht AIS Transponders (AIT2000/2500/3000/5000/CLA1000/CLA2000). It is therefore an ideal replacement antenna for many makes of GPS receivers and chart plotters. You can also use it with the discontinued AIT250 and AIT1000. However, the physical size and shape is different from the original antenna.

The base can be removed for puck mounting or with the base fitted, it can be attached to any 3rd party 1” mounting accessory (available separately) for pole, deck, bracket and rail mounting.

It ships with 10m cable terminated with a slim FME connector and FME-TNC adaptor.

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