What’s the difference between WLN10 and WLN30?

The WLN10 only have one NMEA 0183 interface (input & output). You must configure this interface at either 38,400 baud (AIS speed) or 4,800 baud (instruments & GPS speed). This is an ideal server if you want to broadcast data either from your AIS receiver/transponder or the data from your instrumentation.

The WLN30 have 3 x NMEA 0183 interface and you can select different NMEA speed for each NMEA 0183 interface. The WLN30 multiplexes all data and broadcasts it via WiFi to receive real-time data to an application or navigation software. This is an ideal server if you have several navigation devices on board (with different NMEA speeds) and you want to broadcast AIS, GPS and instrument data at the same time.